Fine Arts and the Gaming Industry

I’ve always been a huge fan of really amazing gamer concept art, and the gaming industry is full of talent. Video games can provide a virtual playground for the user.

Take one of my favorite games, Bioshock, for example. The underwater city  of Rapture is visually stunning; the artistic details of the game breathe life into a new world.

Here is a link to the trailer:

Bioshock of course comes with it’s own large book of concept art that can be bought online (although it’s fairly expensive.)

E3 is a huge gaming expo in Los Angeles, where art galleries are proud to display gamer art. An exhibition titled “Into the Pixel” attempts to break that barrier between what is considered fine arts and computer games. It’s a show that is taken seriously through jury selection. 

An example of one of the works is “Cronos Battle,” from last year’s “God of War III.

 The Smithsonian Institution will be opening “The Art of Video Games” which is pretty amazing.

This is all very relevant to my nerdy interests :p



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