3-D printers to become mainstream home item

(Article found at CNNMoney—-http://money.cnn.com/2011/06/03/technology/3D_printers/index.htm?iid=HP_LN)

3-D printers have existed for quite awhile, according to CNNMoney for over twenty years. The machines themseleves are expensive, costing multimillions and only till recently utilized for automobile and aerospace companies.

Could these machines alter the way we live on a daily basis? The vice president of global engineering for 3D Systems. Rajeev Kulkarni claims that printers can be bought for $1,000.  I’ve known 3D printers to exist in industrial manufactoring, but it would be amazing to see them on a consumer scale.

Imagine being able to create 3D materials and objects right in your own home :p


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